Our members and committee work on a voluntary basis as one team to lobby in favour of cycling, safe transport infrastructure and sustainable commuting in Malta and Gozo.

Our members

BAG Malta is composed of approximately 100 members and countless followers, each sharing their views, inspiring others to cycle, or contributing directly to solve mobility-related issues thanks to their expertise in the respective fields. From engineers to lawyers, architects, IT professionals, nurses, doctors, economists and accountants, managers and business people, social workers, students, educators, academics and researchers, artists, civil servants and politicians… all coming together as one in an attempt to shift the Maltese way of commuting - isn’t this magical? If you would like to join this vibrant community drop us a line on info@bagmalta.org

Photo:  @albertcamilleri , World Bicycle Day 2018 - Mosta Dome, Malta

Photo: @albertcamilleri, World Bicycle Day 2018 - Mosta Dome, Malta

Our Committee

We welcome you to our committee executive… a dynamic team coming from different backgrounds and roles. Together we are here to represent our members and the bicycle community at large in Malta and Gozo, young and senior, whilst facilitating the organisation’s administration and stakeholder relations - we’re glad to support you in any way and honoured by your trust!

Michelle Attard Tonna    - President

I am quite a newbie in this area because I started cycling to work in October 2017, but I have spent many happy days on my bicycle as a child and I somehow managed to retain those skills through adulthood. My profession is that of an educator and I lecture within the Faculty of Education, University of Malta. I am also married, have two kids and lead quite a busy (crazy) life. My roles as an educator and as a parent have inspired me to be an activist as I do believe that the younger generation look up to us and we can lead by example. I have always been involved in voluntary organisations to lobby in favour of the environment and I find BAG as an excellent opportunity to address Malta's traffic and congestion issues. We are a car-centric nation and oftentimes we do not seem to realise how much we are ready to give up to remain in the car comfort zone. A bicycle can take us places in Malta which no car can ever do, and I find that travelling by bicycle is a feasible, doable option to a significant sector of our population. My most frequent routes are between Zabbar and University or between Manikata to Zabbar, but with my pedelec, nothing seems too far away and I have actually gained control over my trip times to a very accurate level. My main aim, as president of this organisation, is to work with the committee to enhance the bicycle experience in Malta and encourage more people to take this up. I am also particularly determined to increase the number of female bicycle users, as this is still very low compared to male users. Our organisation is after all a small cross section of society at large so it is important that our gender quotas are more fairly distributed. 

Matt Farrugia    - Policy Officer

Matt Farrugia - Policy Officer

Born in Ħamrun, Malta, in 1989, I have always found myself fascinated with bicycles, even though it was much later in life that I began to commute with one.  My involvement in organisations hail from my college years when I was active in the student organisation Pulse. I began to involve myself in cycling advocacy in 2016 when I joined the Bicycle Advocacy Group as a member, and have been recently elected as its treasurer.  Currently I’m in the final stages of obtaining my ACCA degree.

I am a firm believer that normalising the use of bicycles in Malta will benefit our society not only in helping to alleviate our transport problems, but will also positively impact our health and environment.

Since I have been commuting by a bicycle, no journey became too far or too long.  In addition to the benefits mentioned above, I have come to realise bicycles give us freedom and the possibility to appreciate our surroundings.

I currently work as a Junior Accountant in Mellieħa.  When not busy with numbers or advocacy work, I tend to spend my free time reading and exploring.

Mike Rosner    - Vice President

Mike Rosner - Vice President

I cut my cycling teeth in London and enjoy touring, shopping, commuting, etc by bike. In Malta I bike to work at the Dept Artificial Intelligence at University and am also a cycle courier for Fetchit, a local delivery company.

I dream of when cycling is simply taken for granted by citizens and government, when laws and infrastructures guarantee safe and enjoyable cycling, when children cycle to school and shoppers cycle to shops: a time there is no further need for bicycle advocacy.

In BAG my contribution has been to promote local cycle rack schemes, and to establish BAG as a member the European Cycling Federation. In future I hope to facilitate BAG’s participation in collaborative EU projects.

Joe Gatt    - Secretary

Joe Gatt - Secretary

I graduated from University of Malta with a degree in Mechanical Engineering (Hons.) and Masters in Business Administration. I have been employed in the manufacturing sector for the last 25 years with roles in Engineering, Quality Assurance, Technical Procurement and Health and Safety

I cycle mostly with my pedelec which has replaced my car almost completely. I use it to go to work, run errands, shopping and visit relatives. If I cannot use my pedelec my first preference would be my scooter and then my car. I also have a road bike and a mountain bike that I use for exercise.

I am Secretary of BAG committee. As part of the committee I bring forward ideas and discuss them with the rest of the committee and then we decide a course of action together. I also do a lot of research and reading on topics related to urban planning, cycling and traffic management.

I envisage town and village cores to be pedestrianised and fully cyclable with segregated cycle paths that link towns and villages together, as well as main sites like hospitals, schools, university, MCAST.

Steve Zammit Lupi    - Public Relations Officer

Steve Zammit Lupi - Public Relations Officer

Raised in the traditional town of Ħaż-Żebbug, the bicycle was my companion along my childhood years.

Aged 22, I graduated from the University of Malta with a degree in European Studies, and I work as a freelance videographer.

Since a young age I took great interest in the natural environment, in particular birds and later on trees. As I grew older I understood the importance of a healthy environment to our wellbeing and took interest in current local challenges that affect our quality of life, mainly transport and the sustainable co-existence of man with the natural environment.

As Public Relations Officer I am committed to put forward my energy and ideas to move bicycle commuting in Malta forward. The potential is huge, and so can the change be.

Daniel Vella  - Events Officer

Daniel Vella - Events Officer

I once read that one of the steps you should take to make your day happier is to eliminate the things that make you unhappy in the first place. Sounds painfully obvious but it intrigued me nonetheless. One of the things I had identified was being stuck in traffic for hours every week, and the unpredictability of travel times as a result. In 2018, I took the plunge and bought a pedelec. To this day, I still consider it to be one of the best purchases I ever made. It has changed my lifestyle and means of travel as it has reduced my dependency on my car drastically. Whenever I need to commute alone, I reach for my bike - rain or shine.

I sought this experience to contribute to one of the things I am most passionate about and hopefully, to encourage more people to follow suit. Many people want change, but are not ready to be part of that change themselves. Through BAG’s initiatives, I hope that we can inspire change, empower people to be proactive and to create a safer environment for all cyclists.

I am currently reading for an M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Malta. I work in logistics and also as a freelance videographer.

Luca Bugelli    - Treasurer

Luca Bugelli - Treasurer

As the BAG community grew during recent years, I have eagerly followed it across various media platforms as the robust and leading voice, defending the rather powerless local bicycle commuter. I too share BAG’s vision and firmly believe in a clean, efficient and democratic solution to Malta and Gozo’s mobility, health and environmental challenges by having cycling and walking at the core.

Here I am today, involved directly as part of the committee as opposed to the younger-keyboard-warrior-me, eager to collaborate with people from all walks (and cycles) of life, share ideas, learn and be able to pass on the knowledge and experience gained for the betterment of society.

I’m an outdoors enthusiast, running, swimming and cycling hobbyist; Marketing and Evidence-Based Management graduate. Currently I am pursuing the ACCA qualification, whilst working as a Revenue Analyst.