BAG hails the Blata l-Bajda Pedestrian and Cyclist bridge as a good step forward.

The upcoming pedestrian and cyclist bridge being built by Infrastructure Malta is a good step forward and an example of how pedestrians and cyclists can have safe access on busy roads. This will work due to the natural dislevel between St. Joseph High Road and Triq Dicembru 13, thus bringing about safe access for pedestrians and cyclists alike.

In order for this project to be fully utilised, BAG is proposing the following recommendations:

- Creation of a contraflow for cyclists in Spencer Hill (Marsa), such that cyclists coming from Marsa dock and Waterfront can easily access the bridge, and Hamrun. Spencer Hill is currently one-way downhill.

- Provision of access for cyclists between the end of the bridge at St. Joseph High Road and Triq Dun Gorg Preca, in order for cyclists coming from Pieta to have access to this bridge. Currently, cyclists will have to ride against traffic and on the pavement adjacent to the bus stop.

- The bend at the top of the bridge can be widened to allow easier access for bicycles, especially cargo bicycles, given that the ramp is at a tight angle.

BAG hopes that this type of infrastructure, which does not force cyclists and pedestrians to use lifts, is given apt consideration over other types of bridges where cyclists can only access the other side via a lift. It also presses the argument that more direct options, other than lifts, are provided for cyclists and pedestrians in the Marsa Junction and the Msida Creek projects.

Bicycle Advocacy Group