The Bicycle Advocacy Group meets Michael Cramer

Members of the Bicycle Advocacy Group have recently met with Michael Cramer, a member of the European Parliament and who up to last year held the role President of Transport and Tourism at the same parliament.

In this brief meeting Michael Cramer discussed with us the traffic situation in Malta. He thinks that the mobility situation is a catastrophe - he saw lots of traffic jams, very few cyclists, and a huge amount of cars, disproportionate to the size of our country. He also mentioned that other cities like Copenhagen, 30 years ago, were in our same situation but then they made the shift because of the congestions they were experiencing. He also noted that infrastructure is missing or dangerous, and that this needs to change, even to enhance our economy and our tourism situation. Cars are taking up enormous space in Malta, and authorities must realise that when cycling is rendered safer, more people will take it up. The authorities are obliged to take the first step, they cannot keep refusing to make this shift.

Bicycle Advocacy Group