BAG interviews FetchIt

FetchIt is a local courier service that makes extensive use of pedelecs to handle deliveries of food, documents, and anything else that fits into the distinctive pink boxes. BAG asks Fetchit some key questions

FetchIt is a local courier service that makes extensive use of pedelecs to handle deliveries of food, documents, and anything else that fits into the distinctive pink boxes. BAG asks Fetchit some key questions

BAG: What is Fetchit’s mission?

Fetchit is an on-demand courier service delivering food, documents and personal items across Malta using the fastest and most environmentally justified methods of transport. Where possible we use e-bikes and scooters to alleviate the congestion on Maltese roads and challenge current concepts of mobility.

BAG: What are the distinguishing characteristics of Fetchit as a commercial company?

We are a relatively young company (Founded November 2016) so we are keen to think outside of the box. We proposing flexible hours for our employees and the opportunity to develop individually within the company by dedicating a portion of your hours to the project as a whole however you think your skills are best used. For example, many of the first employees spent time on the road fetching just as much as they spent indoors dispatching. Today, a person might be hired as shift manager, but they might also have great marketing skills so we ask them to share their knowledge and help build the brand.


BAG: What do you consider to be the advantages of bicycle based delivery services?

The obvious reason is their zero-emission factor. It helps keep a person fit and it beats the gridlocked traffic every time. We are also the only e-bike courier service in Malta.

BAG: What are the critical characteristics of bicycle-based delivery jobs?

Time, distance and dimensions are the three most important factors for a bicycle courier specifically. Unfortunately, opting for energy efficient e-bikes, a cyclist can only get so far on so much battery assisted power. Then there is the question of what fits in our delivery bags. If need be we can assign multiple Fetchers to extra large orders. In a more general sense though, we really emphasize the importance of good customer service, great time management and efficient communication skills to guarantee excellent service.

BAG: What proportion of Fetchit’s operations make use of bicycles?

The vast majority (93%) of our deliveries are made using two-wheeled vehicles (29% e-bike and 64% scooter). We have 16 e-bikes in our fleet - give or take a couple that are being repaired or serviced by our in-house mechanic. The remaining 7% of deliveries (large items) are by car.

BAG What employment opportunities are available at Fetchit and what are the respective qualifications?

We are always on the lookout for new Fetchers where no real qualifications are required. It’s mainly delivery and road experience which are valued, punctuality, politeness with customers and a positive attitude are always welcome! We also hire Dispatchers who need to be fast thinkers with an analytical mind and stress-resistant when orchestrating over 300 orders a day.


BAG: What technologies are used to support Fetchit’s operations?

We use a tailor-made tech infrastructure to log and process all of the jobs we handle. Then, in more practical terms we rely on mobile applications to communicate with and track our riders. Finally, we embrace social media to spread the gospel and promote our services.

BAG: What are the current challenges faced by Fetchit?

Client and customer demand is always a challenge. Can we deliver what you need on time - or faster? In general it’s a question of scale where we try and make sure we have enough people working to cover the workload. Over the last 6 months we have increased our average job rate from 150 jobs a day to almost 300. Our target for this summer is 700 and we’re on our way to reaching that.

BAG: How do you ensure that Fetchit staff stay safe on the road?

All Fetchers follow a strict training procedure that includes practical and theoretical exercises. We know that our service is all about speed, but safety first! We check everyone is comfortable cycling on Maltese roads before they handle real jobs and we provide helmets, lights and regular maintenance to all Fetchers and vehicles.

BAG: How can BAG help Fetchit achieve its goals?


BAG is at the forefront of challenging the Maltese mindset regarding mobility and alternative methods of transportation. We applaud and support their efforts, even if as a business we must remain neutral in some regards. The knowledge BAG shares with its members is essential for us to ensure a great service but also keep raising awareness to issues faced by two-wheel users. It would be great if BAG ever wanted to work with Fetchit of devising road safety campaigns or best practices. It also seems logical that their members would be awesome Fetchers and Dispatchers too!

BAG: Can Fetchit help BAG by sharing data regarding (a) distances and times that are covered regularly by bike (b) safety statistics - i.e number of accidents per month compared to number of bike trips per month

We have a pretty comprehensive database of delivery-related statistics. Thankfully our safety record is good but sharing this information would be a pleasure if used correctly, respecting personal privacy and for the greater cause.

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