BAG submits feedback to National Cycling Strategy and Action Plan

On the 29th of November 2018, Transport Malta launched the long-awaited cycling strategy for the Maltese islands.  Such strategies are needed to set out a framework about how as a country we are set to achieve a modal shift in favour of cycling, together with other sustainable means of transport.

While it is encouraging to see authorities starting to include cycling in their planning and policies,  this document, which is over 100 pages long, dedicates much of its focus on the current abysmal status of cycling in Malta, rather than offering tangible solutions and feasible targets that will make cycling an attractive sustainable mode of transport.

As the only non-governmental organisation that promotes cycling as a means of sustainable transport, the Bicycle Advocacy Group (BAG), after holding a consultation meeting with its members, is proud to present its feedback on the National Cycling Strategy and Action Plan, whilst auguring that this would be an opportunity for collaboration between BAG, the relevant authorities, and other stakeholders. This feedback includes some points which have been submitted individually by some of our members, and also other points raised in our meeting with them or in their communication with us. In this way, we are representing the general feeling of our members but not undermining the need for them to submit their own feedback individually.

Read the full report here.

The cycling strategy was launched for public consultation in November 2018

The cycling strategy was launched for public consultation in November 2018

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