FESTA ROTI - European Mobility Week 2018 - BAG's participation


16th to 22nd of September marks European Mobility Week and the Bicycle Advocacy Group in collaboration with Haz-Zebbug Local Council has been awarded to participate through a week-long of events and activities FESTA ROTI. The proposed activities will promote cycling as one way of travelling around Malta. 

The use of the bicycle, which is the main focus in each of the proposed activities, is undeniably one of the most cost-effective and accessible sustainable modes of transport. Road sharing; modal shift; running errands and doing shopping by bicycle; cycling to work / university; rendering roads safer; being safe on the road and mapping cycling routes in Żebbuġ are some of the themes which will be addressed throughout these events.


Join us for this event where we will be giving bicycle familiarity lessons and cycling tips to novel bicycle users who may not have had the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike due to missed opportunities, social biases and cultural restrictions. This may in particular affect female cyclists, and the aim of this event will also help address cultural stereotypes towards female cyclists, empowering them in the process. Book your place!


The aim of this event is to carry out a survey, on social media, on how people perceive mobility in Malta, focusing on the use of sustainable modes of transport and the reasons which people give for using / not using these modes of mobility. 


An event aimed to raise awareness of the rules which cyclists must abide with, as mentioned in the Malta Highway Code, and that cyclists must abide by these rules if they intend to use the roads responsibly. It is also aimed to educate cyclists on how to assess risks when cycling through traffic, and on how to safeguard their own safety.

This event will provide a theory session on the traffic rules for cyclists. Book your place!


A cultural bike touring in children and adults, both within their locality and abroad. We shall follow a historic route in Żebbuġ where the guide stops the tour at specific points of interests such as churches, chapels, monuments, shelters etc. and gives a brief history and description of the site. A police escort will accompany the participants who would be able to cycle along the route, with their guide. Book your place!


Let's understand the challenges which the Żebbuġ residents are encountering to travel in and out of their locality and propose alternative modes of transport which can help alleviate current issues.


A culmination of this week’s activities and will be held in the main pjazza! 
The focus of this fair will be the use of the bicycle as a sustainable mode of transport, but will also include other stands and sub-events which will help the Żebbuġ community to congregate and socialise within their village core, with entertainment, open areas, bicycle stands and games for kids!

Bicycle Advocacy Group