The Bicycle Advocacy Group meets KSU

The Bicycle Advocacy Group today, 17th July 2018, held a meeting with Vice President Luke Abela and PRO Joseph Farrugia from the Kunsill Studenti Universitarji (KSU) in its bid to promote cycling among the university student community.

A number of points were discussed, namely making travelling to and on campus safer; promoting cycling among a higher number of students; liaising with the relevant authorities to build better cycling infrastructure; considering future incentives which can encourage students to take up cycling; and collaborating with members of staff to render campus life greener and sustainable.

Next October KSU will welcome  11,000 students to the University of Malta, with some 3,000 freshers students.

We wish the new KSU executive a fruitful and hard working academic year with students.

Bicycle Advocacy Group