Dear Friends, following the crowdfunding campaign, the sum of EUR 31,261 has been collected. We THANK YOU for this and announce the temporary closure of the crowdfunding. All funds raised will be utilised for legal and technical challenges of the Central Link permit at different stages and before different entities. All donations received will be accounted for. We are deeply grateful for the solidarity and overwhelming support.

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Attard Residents Environmental Network

* Bicycle Advocacy Group - BirdLife Malta - Din l-Art Helwa - Flimkien ghal Ambjent Ahjar - Friends of the Earth Malta - Futur Ambjent Wiehed - Ghaqda Bdiewa Attivi - Isles of the Left Malta - MALTA YOUTH in Agriculture FOUNDATION - Moviment Graffitti - Nature Trust Malta - Ramblers Association - The Archaeological Society Malta


28 August 2019, Fifteen eNGOs and residents file appeal challenge to controversial Central Link permit

23 July 2019, Crowdfunding target reached in less than 24 hours

22 July 2019, Joint Statement: Fundraising for legal action against the Central Link Project (PA 09890/17)
After the Planning Authority (PA) shockingly approved the Central Link project, residents from various localities together with fourteen NGOs* will be initiating legal action to challenge this appalling decision. Legal actions include, but are not limited to, an appeal with the Environment and Planning Review Tribunal (EPRT). In view of the exorbitant costs involved, this appeal will only be possible thanks to the public’s financial support. While the NGOs will cover part of the procedural and professional fees, this will not be enough to cover all expenses. Therefore, the public is being asked to assist in the fundraising of €20,000 that will enable this legal action. All donations collected will go into a fund to cover expenses for legal remedies against the Central Link project. This project will negatively affect people’s lives and the environment. AREN and BAG have submitted various proposals to the Government including alternative routes, better traffic management, safe bicycle networks and the construction of a tunnel or construction of a new road below the existing street level in order to decrease the noise pollution. Despite reassurance that new plans will take into consideration these proposals, these crucial points were never taken up and repeatedly ignored. The NGOs are determined to fight this until the end, and are confident in their quest.

18 July 2019, Central Link approved

18 July 2019, [Watch] BAG at PA Central Link hearing

17 July 2019, Joint Statement: Objections and proposals put forward regarding Central Link should be seriously considered

6 September 2018, Central Link - New plans still lack accessible bicycle network